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Glossary of Business Terms

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SBIC - Small Business Investment Companies
Small Business Investment Companies or SBIC are lending and investment firms that are licensed and regulated by the Small Business Administration. The licensing enables them to borrow from the federal government to supplement the private funds of their investors. SBICs prefer investments between $100,000 to $250,000 and have much more generous underwriting guidelines than a venture capital firm.
second stage capital
Second Stage Capital is the capital provided to expand marketing and meet growing working capital need of an enterprise that has commenced production but does not have positive cash flows sufficient to take care of its growing needs.
secondary public offering
Secondary Public Offering refers to a public offering subsequent to an initial public offering. A secondary public offering can be either an issuer offering or an offering by a group that has purchased the issuer's securities in the public markets.
secondary purchase
Secondary Purchase is purchase of stock in a company from a shareholder rather than purchasing stock directly from the company.
seed capital
Seed Capital is the money used to purchase equity-based interest in a new or existing company. This seed capital is usually quite small because the venture is still in the idea or conceptual stage.
series a preferred stock
Series A Preferred Stock is the first round of stock offered during the seed or early stage round by a portfolio company to the venture capitalist. Series A preferred stock is convertible into common stock in certain cases such as an IPO or the sale of the company. Later rounds of preferred stock in a private company are called Series B, Series C and so on.
silent partner
A silent partner is an investor who does not have any management responsibilities but provides capital and shares liability for any losses experienced by the entity. Silent partners are liable for in any losses up to the amount of their invested capital and participate in any tax and cash flow benefits. Silent partner is also known as a "sleeping
Startup is a new business venture in its earliest stage of development.
Syndication is the process whereby a group of venture capitalists will each put in a portion of the amount of money needed to finance a small business.
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