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29/06/2009: VC World introduction

VC World introduction

At this point we would like to inform the public of the launch of a new cyberspace, that aims at bringing the area of venture capital in Greece closer to the public. VC world is the new space that aims at operating as that space in the internet for those who are willing to engage in the exchanging opinions, networking, and entrepreneurial development. In this website, you will have tha chance to find a number of different tools that will help you get informed regarding key definitions regarding venture capital, create a business plan, submit ideas and suggestions, but also seek a partner, funding or an investment opportunity, depending on your status. Our main goal is to inform the business community regarding venture capital in Greece, an area which, in our opinion, has lots to offer in terms of development, especially amid the financial crisis. It is a space open for everyone who wants to explore it or even become a member and participate in the numerous forums.

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